Neuromuscular Stimulator System – Perfect For Relieving Back Pain and Muscle Discomforts

Muscle discomfort? How about aching back pain? Now you don’t have to worry about visiting your medical doctor every time this pain problem arises, here’s a wireless solution and drug free pain liberation with Neuromuscular Stimulator System.

Neuromuscular Stimulator System

Neuromuscular Stimulator System

The Pain Relieving Neuromuscular Stimulator System is capable of delivering hours of back ache and muscle soreness relief, just position its electrode pad into the sore spot and allow its unique and safe electrical pulses drive through the blocking tissue and witness as it increases blood flow into the problem area to help the healing process.

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This Pain Relieving Neuromuscular Stimulator features a unique tethered regulator wherein you can use to choose between different management methods and strength levels, two small and large electrode pads, a flexible belt for securing the pads at the back and a portable bag so you can carry it anywhere.

The Neuromuscular Stimulator also comes with 3 triple A batteries and weighs only at 1lb.

-$129.95 at hammacher

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