Handheld Disinfectant Steam Cleaner – Disinfects Germs and Viruses Effectively

Handheld Disinfectant Steam Cleaner is capable of eliminating germs and viruses of up to 99.99% using only a vegetable based and non-hazardous cleaning solution ideal for cleaning countertops and kids play area.

This Handheld Steam Cleaner releases steam up to 203degrees Fahrenheit perfect for killing molds and germs from your kitchen and restroom surface.

Handheld Disinfectant Steam Cleaner

Handheld Disinfectant Steam Cleaner

This Steam Cleaner features 4 unique brushes that can easily take away dirt and grimes from grout and tiles, simply heat the cleaner up for less than 3 minutes and start cleaning.

Handheld Disinfectant Steam Cleaner comes with 8 ounce of disinfectant, a funnel and measuring cup and a water reservoir capable of holding water up to 10oz.

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