Electric Head Massager – A Helmet Type Pain Relief Apparatus for headache, mental stress and more

Looking for a pain relief apparatus for your aching head? Use the Electric Head Massager, a helmet type head massager designed to help you get rid of your headache, mental stress, can’t sleep well and other related headache problem, thanks to head massager’s automatic massage mode partnered with unique air pressure and vibration massage, now you can relax and get rid of your head pain at home, in the office or anywhere you want at any time.

Electric Head Massager

Electric Head Massager

This helmet type Electric Head Massager even comes with a low and high hot infra ray compress massage mode function to keep your head relaxed from your head’s top, back and sides and because this head massager is very comfortable to use during the treatment session, enjoying it complete with relaxing sound is now possible.

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Electric Head Massager 1

This head massager is equipped with different time massage settings while its adjustable helmet diameter allows different sizes of head, simply press a button to adjust the helmet’s diameter and you’re good to go.

This electric head massager already includes a handheld controller and power adaptor so you can start massaging all your head’s angle right away.

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