The Stress Tension Knot Reducing Massager – The heated shiatsu massager perfect for kneading away stress, tension and knots

The Stress Tension Knot Reducing Massager [SOURCE] is designed to provide a heated shiatsu massage to the owners neck and shoulder to knead away stress, knots and even tension. Thanks to the massager’s pain and stress relieving massage function, now you can enjoy the same kind of shiatsu massage used by physical therapists right at your very own home anytime.

The Stress Tension Knot Reducing Massager

The Stress Tension Knot Reducing Massager

This stress tension and knot reducing massage device uses 2 massage nodes capable of targeting the owner’s back of the neck straight to the upper shoulder blades perfect for rubbing away tension.

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The massager’s 4 heated massage balls on the other hand are designed to provide gentle heat perfect for loosening and calming away tired muscles.

The Stress Tension Knot Reducing Massager’s vigorious to light massage cycles can be controlled using its included remote control, simply select your desired massage settings, press a button and you’re good to go.

The massager’s foam pillow will provide the owner with some firm support of course without worrying about uneasy discomforts right at the owner’s massage pressure points.

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