Cordless Knee Wrap with Heating Technology – Perfect for improving circulation, relaxing muscles and more

Cordless Knee Wrap with Heating Technology [SOURCE] is designed to help owners improve circulation, relax tired muscles and even get rid of joint pain, thanks to the wrap’s flexible and uniquely designed neoprene that is lined with fleece, getting rid of knee problem is now possible anytime anywhere.

Cordless Knee Wrap with Heating Technology

Cordless Knee Wrap with Heating Technology

This cordless knee wrap uses 2 adjustable hook and loop so fitting it and keeping it secure all the time on the wearer’s knee is not a problem plus you can’t even detect it once it is there, thanks to its undetectable stainless steel fibers partnered with insulated fabric, generating a deep penetrating heat to relax knee pain is now possible.

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This knee wrap has 4 different levels of warmth that can be easily adjusted while its included slim li-ion battery uses auto-off function for extra security. Simply charge the battery using its included AC adapter for 4 straight hours and start enjoying a knee relaxing session for up to two and a half ours of deep penetrating power.

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