The Heated Trapper Hat – A classic Russian Ushanka Hat with built-in heating panels

The Heated Trapper Hat [SOURCE] is not just one of those ordinary trapper hat out there because this hat is equipped with heating panels so you’ll always feel toasty for up to 5 straight hours, thanks to the trapper hat’s built-in rechargeable battery, enjoying different levels of heat at home or on the go is now possible and of course with style.

The Heated Trapper Hat

The Heated Trapper Hat

This trapper hat with integrated heating panels even features a conventional upturned brow, side flaps to cover the owner’s ear, lower back and best of all, it can be secured under the chin, just like those classic trapper hat in Russian style.

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This heated trapper hat even comes with fleece lining that comfortably embrace the face while its sturdy and water resistant nylon exterior handles both water and wind easily.

This trapper hat already includes an easy to operate button located at the right ear flap while its left ear flap hides the removable battery and best of all, it already includes an easy to adjust strap located at the back of the hat for that perfect fit anytime.

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