The Heated Foot Muff – with heat therapy design to soothe and relax sore and tired feet

You want to relax your tired feet? Use the Heated Foot Muff [SOURCE], a comfortable and user friendly muff designed to provide heat therapy to help owners relieve and of course relax painful and tired feet.

The Heated Foot Muff

The Heated Foot Muff

This cozy muff is not just unique when it comes to its design but at the same time comfortable to use and is effective in helping boost circulation, easing arthritis pain and even warm up a cold feet, thanks to its uniquely built electric heating elements placed strategically at the foot muff so you’ll have a pampering time after doing some hard work.

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This foot muff is capable of swaddling both feet all at the same time and best of all, it heats up quickly in just a matter of minutes plus it even includes an auto off function so you’ll never have to worry about toasting your feet just in case you fall asleep while enjoying the device.

The Heated Foot Muff is built using soft micro-plush material and has washable and removable sherpa lining design to baby a tired and aching feet. Simply swaddle both feet, use the included remote control and you’re good to go.

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