The Upper Body Aerobic Exerciser – Ideal for Building and Increasing Strength Naturally

Build strength, increase endurance and burn calories with this easy to use Upper Body Aerobic Exerciser.

How? Easy, simply hold the upper body aerobic exerciser perpendicular to your body, gripping the bars with your both hands and start spinning speedily and you’re on your way to a good workout. Sounds easy right?

The Upper Body Aerobic Exerciser

The Upper Body Aerobic Exerciser

The Aerobic Exerciser can be used repeatedly to improve your heart rate for a cardiovascular workout. This aerobic exerciser can also be used while reclining ideal for activating your abdominal muscles.

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The Body Exerciser features a Teflon bearing that glides each ring at 360 degrees smoothly and of course it also comes with a workout DVD so you can follow along and start building and increasing strength naturally.

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