The Under Desk Elliptical Trainer – A low-profile trainer capable of providing the same lower body motion as a full-sized machine

The Under Desk Elliptical Trainer [SOURCE] is perfect for providing lower body motion just like those full sized elliptical trainers out there but is small enough that you can do your favorite exercise while working or engaging different office tasks or home activities because it keeps your hands free so you can multitask anytime.

The Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

The Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

This low profile elliptical trainer has non-slip pedal perfect for providing stable footing every time specially during your hard workout and because this elliptical trainer already includes up to 8 different levels of tension, doing your favorite routine exercises on a leisurely pace up to those intense workout marathon and leg pumping action is now possible at home or anywhere you want at any time.

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This trainer is capable of connecting to your favorite gadgets via Bluetooth and already includes a free application so owners can easily monitor the distance, number of strides and exercise time or even the number of calories already burned.

The Under Desk Elliptical Trainer already includes a Li-ion battery that can be charged using its included micro-USB cable and AC adapter and best of all, it already comes with 2 chair wheel stoppers to keep the chair stable and secure while doing some forward and backward elliptical movements.

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