The Triple Therapy Hip Pain Reliever – Uses heat therapy, vibration massage, and infrared LED technology to help ease pain in the hip

The Triple Therapy Hip Pain Reliever [SOURCE] uses vibration massage, infrared LED and heat therapy to help the owner ease hip pain, thanks to the hip pain reliever’s unique heating discs capable of generating therapeutic heat, stimulating perfect circulation and providing relief for fatigued and stiff muscles and aching joints is now possible at home.

This hip pain reliever is equipped with 4 built-in massage nodes capable of producing up to 4000rpm vibrations perfect in helping the owner knead out those tension and of course loosening tissue and getting rid of sore muscles.

The Triple Therapy Hip Pain Reliever

The Triple Therapy Hip Pain Reliever

This pain relieving device even comes with 8 LEDs uniquely located at the upper massage nodes perfect in producing infrared energy capable of penetrating deep and straight in the the problematic tissue.

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The Triple Therapy Hip Pain Reliever is very easy to use and secures nicely to the user’s waist using hook-and-loop fasteners and best of all, this device also includes an easy to use control panel so owners can operate its 3 different functions like operating the device independently, simultaneously or 2 at a time and best of all, its 30min shut-off functionality and detachable suede flap are just one of the important features for a perfect heat and vibration therapy session.

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