The Therapeutic Vest – A compression vest design to help relieve back pain using hot or cold therapy

The Therapeutic Vest [SOURCE] is perfect for people with back, neck or shoulder pain problem simply because this compression vest is capable of helping the owner relieve the pain using hot or cold therapy.

This compression vest is equipped with detachable non-toxic gel packs designed to target muscles around the spine, lumbar region and even around the shoulder plus it is also capable of maintaining its hot or cold temperatures for up to 20min. after chilled in the freezer or after heated in the microwave.

The Therapeutic Vest

The Therapeutic Vest

Perfect for contrast therapy, the vest’s cold treatment is perfect for alleviating muscle soreness and inflamed tissues while the vest’s heat relaxes the owner’s tense muscles, thanks also to the vest’s perfect fit function, providing a soothing and consistent pressure in order to increase blood circulation and relieve back discomfort is now possible every time.

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The Therapeutic Vest is very comfortable to use and is strong and flexible enough so you don’t have to worry about wearing it with your favorite clothing and best of all, it also comes with an elastic waist and drawstring neck to make sure it fits properly when worn.

Watch the therapeutic vest in action [HERE].