The Snore Reducing Trainer – a padded belt that helps prevent snoring

Looking for a device that will help prevent snoring? Use the Snore Reducing Trainer, a uniquely designed belt padded carefully and comfortably to help encourage owners to sleep on their side.

As compared to other models out there that monitors breathing and heart rate, this unit is unique because it is very easy to use, just secure the snore trainer around your chest and you’re good to go.

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Snore Reducing Trainer

The Snore Reducing Trainer

No more cords, AC outlets or even batteries because the belt uses hook and loop fasteners and has foam cylinder capable of promoting snorers to sleep on their side which helps get rid of snoring by lessening the compression on the user’s airways.

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Snore Reducing Trainer 1

The Snore Reducing Trainer is designed to fit on most waists from 32 inches up to 44 inches. Weighs only 8oz.

You can buy the snore trainer for only $34.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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