The Sleep and Assisted Lift Recliner – A luxury recliner with heat, massage and 6 different preprogrammed positions for that unparalleled comfort every time

The Sleep and Assisted Lift Recliner [SOURCE] is not just one of those luxury recliners out there because this model is designed to provide the owners the perfect transition from flat to assisted lift position of course in an unequalled comfort.

This recliner combines massage, heat and 6 different positions and is capable of accommodating users all throughout the day, laying, sitting or even lounging and doing anything from sleeping, reading and watching tv comfortably.

The Sleep and Assisted Lift Recliner

The Sleep and Assisted Lift Recliner

This luxury recliner can also be set to zero gravity to lessen the pressure on one’s spine and up to a position where it raises the feet just above the user’s heart in order to lessen leg swelling or even to the assisted lift mechanism where it quietly help the user stand up in full comfort.

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The Sleep and Assisted Lift Recliner 1

The Sleep Assisted Lift Recliner is equipped with dual motors complete with independent controls of its footrest and back so you can perfectly customize different position to your hearts content of course with soothing heat and with different massage vibrations to help you get rid of your back and leg problem and best of all it has a uniquely designed biscuit-shaped cushions, lumbar pillow and plush seat to make it the perfect recliner you’ll ever need anytime.

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