The Shiatsu Heated Backrest – with powerful shiatsu massage and soothing heat to help loosen tight muscles

You want to get rid of your tight muscle problem? Use the Shiatsu Heated Backrest —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed backrest that uses a powerful massage of shiatsu partnered with soothing heat to help the user loosen tight muscles at home.

This heated backrest has 4 sturdy and powerful massage nodes that automatically reverses every minute to effectively knead those stubborn knots, get rid of tense muscles and even to help improve the user’s circulation specially at the owner’s lumbar region.

The Shiatsu Heated Backrest

The Shiatsu Heated Backrest

This backrest even includes a foam pad where owner’s can easily placed them over the nodes, perfect if they want to have a gentler massage at home after working long hours.

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The Shiatsu Heated Backrest 1

The Shiatsu Heated Backrest has massage and heat that can be used separately or used together via its included control panel and best of all, it has a polyester bating and soft sherpa fabric covering the backrest to provide the user with the perfect support every time. Weighs only 5.5lbs.

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