The Seated Whole Body Pedaler – helps you maintain your cardiovascular fitness and muscle tones anytime anywhere

You want to maintain your cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone at the comfort of your own home? Use the Seated Whole Body Pedaler [SOURCE], a low impact bike simulating workout device designed to help you maintain your total cardiovascular health and muscle tones all without worrying about joint strains, thanks to the pedaler’s uniquely constructed design, maintaining a perfect cardio workout is now possible anytime anywhere.

The Seated Whole Body Pedaler is also designed to tone biceps up to quadriceps and hamstrings with the best possible level of application, thanks to its reversible pedal and arm crank system, cycling through different muscle groups in different variations is now healthy and fun.

The Seated Whole Body Pedaler

The Seated Whole Body Pedaler

This seated whole body pedaler is made with sturdy tubular steel frame and comes with different foot and hand resistance controls while its quick release adjustment system and compact design will allow the owner to easily sit and reach the machine to have a quick exercise at home or in the office.

This low-impact cardio exercise machine measures at 37x17x17 inches in height, width and diameter and weighs 13lbs.

Check the rest of the features [HERE] or visit the [PRODUCT PAGE] for other important information including customer review.

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