The Seated To Supine Deep Tissue Massage Cushion – delivers a soothing deep tissue massage while sitting in a chair or lying on a sofa

With Seated To Supine Deep Tissue Massage Cushion (currently taking orders here), now you can enjoy a relaxing massage while sitting or lying on your favorite sofa or chair.

Thanks to this uniquely designed massage cushion, delivering a soothing deep tissue massage at home is now possible every time because this versatile cushion is using a unique technology capable of detecting one’s height and then suggests and provides the perfect massage treatment.

Deep Tissue Massage Cushion

The Seated To Supine Deep Tissue Massage Cushion

This massage cushion uses vibration, heat and also Shiatsu therapy and because it also comes with a rotating node designed to religiously target the user’s neck partnered with shiatsu style nodes that moves effectively along the user’s back just to provide that perfect deep kneading massage every time.

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Deep Tissue Massage Cushion1

This Versatile Massage Cushion also comes with an integrated air chamber designed to stretch the lumbar of the user while its included cushion’s seat will give the user different levels of vibration without any problem and best of all, it already includes a remote control so users can easily select what type of massage and intensity. Weighs only 19lbs and only measures 49×18.5×8 inches in length, width and diameter respectively.

You can buy this versatile massage cushion for only $479.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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