The Personal Pilates Trainer – Now You Can Workout 100 Different Exercises At Home

You want to carry out 100 exercises at home? Try the Personal Pilates Trainer —[SOURCE]—, it allows you to workout up to 100 different exercises from improving strength and flexibility to cardiovascular exercises without worrying about going to the gym just to meet your personal trainer.

Why? Well, the Trainer comes with 2 different videos for you to follow, just select the level 1 or the Pilates cardio video and follow along as it guides you through the process of improving your body strength.

The Personal Pilates Trainer

The Personal Pilates Trainer

This Trainer features a strong and powder coated frame that can easily support user of up to 6 feet and 4 inches tall and weighs of up to 300lbs, an adjustable stand that can be easily adjusted to elevate 10” off the floor for more advanced workout, a heavy duty stretchable cord, padded carriage, contoured head and foot capable of providing best possible stabilization during workout.

The Personal Pilates Trainer also comes with a ball bearing rollers that allows you to glide along the frame track nicely and an included rebounder for that cardio exercises you want.

$699.95 at hammacher

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