The Pate Shaver – a cordless head groomer capable of creating a clean look without bumps, irritation or nicks

Looking for a perfect head groomer that can provide the cleanest cuts without you worrying about irritations? Use the Pate Shaver —[SOURCE]—, a cordless head grooming device capable of shaving unwanted hair comfortably anytime.

This shaver is equipped with unique shaving technology partnered with comfort rollers designed to effectively and gently guide the included shaving foils straight to the contour of the owner’s head.

The Pate Shaver

The Pate Shaver

This wireless head groomer has 3 adjustable position taper control to allow the owner to gradually adjust the cutting and because it has a soft grip that fits nicely to the palm of the user, shaving in any direction will not be a problem.

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The Pate Shaver 1

The Pate Shaver can provide of up to 40min of having time specially when fully charged using its included charger and best of all, it only measures 9.5x8x5 inches in height, width and diameter.

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