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The Only iPad Integrating Recumbent Bicycle – makes workout more fun and challenging

The Only iPad Integrating Recumbent Bicycle

Boring workout? Maybe it’s time to change your old recumbent bicycle? Introducing The Only iPad Integrating Recumbent Bicycle, a modern recumbent bicycle that allows you to add your cool iPad in order to help you make your workout more fun and challenging.

This exercise gadget features 26 important workout programs already built-in so you can warm up and do some endurance training more effectively of course while listening to your favorite workout music.

Besides providing the owner with different workout programs, this iPad integrating recumbent bicycle also allows you to read emails, check the latest movie online or even play your latest game collection while doing important exercises, thanks to its unique iPad, iPhone or iPod dock positioned carefully in front of the monitor so you can multitask comfortably.

This iPad integrating recumbent bicycle also features an adjustable mesh back seat, a nicely padded handles, huge foot pedals, sturdy tubular frame and 24 different intensity levels for that smooth workout every time. This recumbent bicycle even comes with built-in wheels so you can transport it around easily. Start your training now and keep that music coming.

-$899.95 at hammacher

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