The Nausea Relieving Bracelet – helps provide medication-free relief of motion sickness caused by boat, air, or vehicle travel

This uniquely designed bracelet is ideal for women out there who want to help themselves get that relief they’ve always been looking for from their motion sickness caused either by air, boat and even on a traveling vehicle.

Nausea Relieving Bracelet

This bracelet is perfect when it comes to effectively stimulating the wrists acupressure point, specifically the P6 wrist, just to harmlessly disrupt the nerve signals between the wearer’s stomach and the brain that trigger nausea.

Nausea Relieving Bracelet 2

The Nausea Relieving Bracelet is very light yet breathable because it is made with elastic and best of all, it dries faster when wet. Already comes with a pair bracelet to be used on both wrists. Simply select the size and you’re good to go.

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