The Luxurious Hand Knit Weighted Blanket – helps alleviate stress through gentle, even pressure just like a hug

Are you looking for a blanket that will help you alleviate your stress problem? Use this Luxurious Hand Knit Weighted Blanket. –Available Here

This uniquely designed blanket is weighted and hand knitted, it is capable of providing gentle and even pressure to help relieve stress just like hugging your entire body in order to help you get the help  you need when it comes to getting rid of the stress you are having.

Hand Knit Weighted Blanket

Unlike ordinary weighted blankets out there that use glass beads, this luxurious blanket is unique because it is woven with polyester-filled threads enough to provide a balanced distribution of weight while of course enjoying its soft and breathable functionality every time.

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Hand Knit Weighted Blanket 2

This Hand Knit Blanket is perfect because the heaviness of the blanket itself will help the user get that calming and soothing feeling just like they’re being swaddled to keep one always feeling relaxed and secure every time. Weighs only 10lbs.

You can buy this hand knit weighted blanket for only $179.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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