The Low Impact Compact Stepper – provides lateral stepping workout that targets glutes and quads

The Low Impact Compact Stepper —[SOURCE]— is perfect when it comes to providing lateral stepping workout and at the same time unique because it only takes little space yet provides everything you need so you can target your glutes and quads without worrying about putting too much pressure on your joints.

Thanks to this space saving stepper, pedaling up and down and even side to side to perfectly workout your glutes and quads will not be a problem at home.

The Low Impact Compact Stepper

The Low Impact Compact Stepper

This compact stepper has an adjustable handle bar designed to help owners improve their balance while working out, it even comes with a foam padding to make sure you will not loose grip while moving up and down and side to side.

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The Low Impact Compact Stepper 1

The Low Impact Compact Stepper already comes with digital display so owners can easily monitor the time, steps taken and even the calories already burned and best of all, it is made with sturdy steel to support even users of up to 220lbs.

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