The Large Screen Live Fitness Spin Bike – streams live classes and on-demand scenic cycling routes

The Large Screen Live Fitness Spin Bike is unique when it comes to streaming live classes partnered with a certificate instructor to motivate spin bikers to workout with other riders from different countries. (Available Here for only $2500)

This spin bike already comes with a huge high definition touchscreen designed to help riders see different scenic cycling routes live using its included subscription app or via on-demand cycling classes.

Live Fitness Spin Bike

The included large screen on the other hand can also be flipped for up to 180 degrees, perfect for providing workout fanatics to have a cross-training session if one is off the bike, it even comes with a built-in LED lights located at the bike’s flywheel complete with different color modes.

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Live Fitness Spin Bike 2

The Large Screen Live Fitness Spin Bike also features 2 dual facing speakers, bottle holders and more and best of all, it is capable of providing up to 32 levels of magnetic resistance. Already comes with 1-month free live cycling classes.

You can buy this spin bike for only $2500 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.

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