The Lady’s Personalized Manicure Set – a 12-piece leather manicure set that can be embossed with the recipient’s initials

This Personalized Manicure Set (available here) is the perfect gift you can give to any ladies out there who wants to maintain their polished look every time they travel around.

Thanks to the included professional grade stainless steel instruments like clippers for the lady’s fingernails and toenails, cuticle pushers, nippers and even tweezers are just some of the tools a lady can use to help them maintain their polished look when traveling.

Personalized Manicure Set

The Lady’s Personalized Manicure Set

Other included instruments like the mini scissors, nail file and even those important travel tools like flashlight, lint brush, corkscrews and a folding mini knife are just some of the essentials especially for those who want to maintain their grooming ritual with some glass of wine.

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Personalized Manicure Set1

The Lady’s Personalized Manicure Set already comes with a leather case so the ladies can easily and neatly organize all the included manicure tools and other travel essentials and best of all, owners have the option to personalize the supple top-grain napa cowhide leather case with up to 3 embossed characters.

You can buy the 12-piece leather manicure set for only $129.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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