The Icelandic Sheep Wool Blanket – A woolen throw blanket handcrafted from the fleece of Iceland’s renowned sheep

Looking for a perfect protection from a harsh and cold environment? Get the Icelandic Sheep Wool blanket, your perfect partner when it comes to providing comfort and at the same time optimal protection from cold and harsh environment.

This Blanket —[SOURCE]— is carefully handcrafted from the fleece of Iceland’s sheep to allow the wearer get the best comfort as possible on cold evening, thanks to the sheep’s genetic makeup, flourishing in harsh condition will not be a problem.

The Icelandic Sheep Wool Blanket

The Icelandic Sheep Wool Blanket

This woolen throw blanket has a waterproof outer and soft undercoat where both layers are spun with specialized yarn better than any other wool because it is softer as compared to other blankets out there.

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The Icelandic Sheep Wool Blanket 1

This Sheep Wool Blanket is comfortably soft even at seventy nine (79) inches long and fifty nine (59) inches wide, complete with fringed ends and best of all, it can be dry clean. Weighs only 2lbs.

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