The Hospital Grade Air Purifier – equipped with double filtration system for removing bad odors and trapping up to 99.97 percent of viruses

The Hospital Grade Air Purifier (available here) is equipped with 2x the power of a filtration system as compared to other air purifiers out there, enough to get that hospital grade air cleaning at home.

Thanks to this uniquely designed air purifier, removing odors from tobacco smoke, trapping tiny particles such as pollen, pet dander and even mold is now possible at home because this air purifier has the same HEPA filter used in hospitals.

Hospital Grade Air Purifier

This purifier uses different pre-filters including 1-inch potassium and carbon filter for getting rid of odors, 2.5 inches HEPA filter designed to trap up to 99.95 percent virus particles as big as 0.3 microns and a sturdy fan speeds that religiously draws air in order to create a more fresher and healthier room environment every time.

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Hospital Grade Air Purifier1

The Hospital Grade Air Purifier is perfect for anyone with allergies and other respiratory conditions including asthma and best of all, it is capable of filtering viruses even from up to 1500 feet square room. HEPA and Carbon filter already included. Weighs only 27lbs and only measures 17x10x19 inches.

You can buy this air purifier with a hospital grade filter for only $999.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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