The Hip Deep Tissue Massager – Packed with powerful percussive nodes designed to revitalize tired and sore muscles

Looking for a powerful massager designed to work deep on your lumbar tissue and hips in order to relax stiff muscles? Use the Hip Deep Tissue Massager [SOURCE], a uniquely designed hip and lumbar tissue massager packed with powerful percussive nodes perfect for revitalizing tired and sore muscles.

The Hip Deep Tissue Massager is very easy to use, simply rest against the uniquely shaped massager and let the massager’s heads on both side do the Swedish style massaging, stimulating perfect blood flow and getting rid of your tired and aching muscles.

The Hip Deep Tissue Massager

The Hip Deep Tissue Massager

This hip deep tissue massager targets your problematic lower back, sides and hip areas, you can even use the massager to strengthen and refresh thigh muscles, feet and calves, just press your desired massage program right at the massager’s easy to use panel and you’re good to go.

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The Hip Deep Tissue Massager 2

This massager comes with manual, auto program and different intensity levels plus it even comes with auto shutoff function so you don’t have to worry about when to stop after every session, just don’t forget to plug the massager to an AC outlet though.

The Hip Deep Tissue Massager 3

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