The High Back Comfortable Rocker – A modern rocking chair with tall back designed to provide a resting place for head and shoulders

The High Back Comfortable Rocker —[SOURCE]— is a uniquely upholstered rocking chair designed to provide the owner a nice and comfy resting place specially for the head and shoulder when napping, knitting and even while reading.

This comfortable rocking chair has over 3 feet high measurement partnered with tall back, a modern version of those classic rocking chair designed to have a perfect resting place specially when you are tired after doing some office work.

The High Back Comfortable Rocker

The High Back Comfortable Rocker

This rocker even comes with a 2 inches thick seat and back cushions upholstered in a modern and of course sturdy acrylic blend while its durable frame made of wood is finished with a nice and rich espresso.

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The High Back Comfortable Rocker 1

The High Back Comfortable Rocker even comes with a slightly curved armrests to provide the owner with some extra support when doing some restful reading, knitting or even napping and best of all, it has a nice and clean look lines. Measures only 40×34.5×28 inches in height, width and diameter.

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