The Heated Compression Massager – Provides compression, heat and vibration to your lower back pain

The Heated Compression Massager

The Heated Compression Massager is capable of providing mixtures of lower back compression, vibration and heat simply by slipping the massager around your waist. This heated compression massager has an adjustable closure and can easily adapt to your body’s natural curve, thanks to its unique hook and loop fastener, now you can enjoy heat compression massage any time anywhere.

The Heated Compression Massager features a built-in air pump to inflate and deflate into three different intervals in its internal bladder relaxing your tense muscles in just a matter of minutes.

This heated compression massager also comes with a rechargeable battery that can provide of up to 2 hours straight of back massage operation while its front panel located strategically on the belt lets you choose between vibration, heat or compression massage easily. This massager can perfectly fit to waist of up to 46 inches in diameter.

-$79.95 at hammacher

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