The Full Body Physiotherapy Massage Mat – keeps the torso and spine properly aligned during yoga-style sessions

The Full Body Physiotherapy Massage Mat (currently taking orders here) is unique when it comes to keeping your spine and torso aligned properly.

Thanks to the massage mat’s contortion-free and portability partnered with air inflation technology, ensuring you have a perfect positioning while enjoying acupressure massage in order to help relieve back, neck and shoulder tension is now possible at home every time.

Full Body Physiotherapy Massage Mat

The Full Body Physiotherapy Massage Mat

This portable full body massage mat already includes an easy to use remote where owners can select different massage modes like stretch, twist, flow and even energize, it also comes with 3 different levels of massage intensity from low to high.

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Full Body Physiotherapy Massage Mat1

This Physiotherapy Massage Mat is perfect when used on bed or even on floors, it even comes with a headrest pillow and knee rest cushion for additional comfort every time and best of all, it has an auto shutoff function for extra security. Measures only 65x24x1.5 inches in length, width and height.

You can buy the portable and contortion-free full body massage mat for only $199.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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