The Electro Stimulation Ab Toner – Uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation to tone and firm core and back muscles easily

You want to tone your core and back muscles? Try the Electro Stimulation Ab Toner, a core and back device that uses EMS system to help you get the perfect core and firm back muscles every time of course just by doing it at home.

Perfect for people with weak muscles or to those who wants to rebuild back their muscles, the Ab Toner is your answer because it is capable of delivering painless electrical pulses straight to your nerves so your abdominal muscles will rhythmically contract and release perfect for boosting their tone.

The Electro Stimulation Ab Toner

The Electro Stimulation Ab Toner

Its included remote control on the other hand will help users to easily choose from the device 8 different massage modes, it even allows the owners to sooth their back pain using its integrated soothing mode.

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The Electro Stimulation Ab Toner 1

With Electro Stimulation Ab Toner, using it for 20 minutes a day, 5x a week will definitely provide results in as little as 4 to 8 weeks and best of all, it fits nicely to waist up to 43 inches. Comes with 3 adhesive pads so you can start firming your core and back muscles at home.

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