The Deep Tissue Sonic Massager – A handheld massager that uses safe sound waves to deeply penetrate tissue and relax sore muscles

The Deep Tissue Sonic Massager [SOURCE] is designed to help penetrate deeply into the tissue to get rid and relax sore muscles, thanks to the massager’s unique sound waves, reaching and penetrating 2 inches deep below the skin’s surface in order to relieve pain and tension is now possible and effective.

Thanks to the massager’s imperceptible sonic vibration partnered with gentle massage, activating the body’s natural healing mechanism, stimulating circulation and repairing and helping loosen knots to ease discomforts is now safer and more effective just like using ultrasound treatments being administered by physical therapists.

The Deep Tissue Sonic Massager

The Deep Tissue Sonic Massager

This Sonic Massager can be used safely at the owner’s entire body including the face and because it already comes with extension handle, reaching hard to reach areas including the user’s back is now possible.

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The Deep Tissue Sonic Massager comes with 2 frequency settings including a percussive mode capable of stimulating an energizing touch of Swedish massage. Weighs 19oz and measures only 8x2x3 inches in length, width and diameter.

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