The Cooling Comfort Leg And Back Support – With body-contouring shape and silky fabric cover that pampers sore, tired legs and back with cooling comfort

The Cooling Comfort Leg And Back Support [SOURCE] is a uniquely designed foam support capable of pampering tired leg and back with cooling comfort, thanks to its body-contouring shape partnered with silky fabric cover relaxing sore legs and back is now possible.

This foam support is sculpted from a thick and medical grade foam topped with gel panels designed to provide a comforting surface so you have a well deserved rest every time.

The Cooling Comfort Leg And Back Support

The Cooling Comfort Leg And Back Support

This leg and back support works simply by keeping your feet raised above the heart to help you lessen swelling, relieve pain from varicose veins and improve good blood flow and because the foam is equipped with 85 percent nylon and 15 percent spandex cover, absorbing body heat and keeping your leg and back cool will not be a problem.

The Cooling Comfort Leg And Back Support also serves as a posture enhancing and cooling back cushion specially when you place it on its edge while its zippered cover allows the owner to remove for hand washing.

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