The Cordless Heated Patio Chair Cover – A chair cover that keeps one warm on brisk al fresco evenings

The Cordless Heated Patio Chair Cover [SOURCE] is equipped with wireless heating system to keep someone warm specially doing their evening activities at home, thanks to the covers unique heating element partnered with wireless function, this indoor or outdoor chair cover will definitely keep you warm every time.

This chair cover uses 4 indiscernible heating elements, 2 on the back and 2 on the seat enough to keep your warm just by pressing a single button

The Cordless Heated Patio Chair Cover

Cordless Heated Patio Chair Cover

The cover on the other hand generates different levels of warmth from 92 degrees to 115 degrees Fahrenheit and is perfect for placing it right on a chilly patio furniture.

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The Cordless Heated Patio Chair Cover is made using water-resistant nylon and also capable of providing a soft yet thick cushion and best of all, it comes with an elastic band for securing the cover around the back of your favorite chair. Provides up to 4 hours of continuous heat via a seven hour charging via AC.

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