The Cordless Heated Cape – Better than any electric blankets out there because it dispel chills without being tethered to a cordless

The Cordless Heated Cape [SOURCE] is unique when it comes to dispelling chills but at the same time allows the owner to easily form a cozy wrap of course without worrying about being tethered to a cord.

Unlike ordinary electric blankets out there that needs steadfast connection to an outlet and has bulky components, this heated cape covers all the upper body yet will allow the owner to easily move their arms without any restrictions.

The Cordless Heated Cape

The Cordless Heated Cape

This cape stays closed and can be secure easily over the owner’s shoulder perfect for getting rid of some chilly outdoor activities including chilly airplane cabins.

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The Cordless Heated Cape 1

The Cordless Heated Cape is woven using plush polyester and has thin undetectable wires capable of producing up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit of heat and best of all, this cape provides up to 140min. of warmth when fully charged.

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