The Compression Adjusting Back Brace – with easy to adjust compression and support to help relieve lower back pain

The Compression Adjusting Back Brace is a uniquely designed back brace capable of helping anyone with lower back pain problem.

Thanks to the back brace’s unique Boa Fit partnered with dial closure strategy function, owners can easily adjust the perfect compression and needed support to help alleviate lower back pain at home or on the go without any problem.

Compression Adjusting Back Brace

The Compression Adjusting Back Brace

Unlike ordinary back brace out there that uses bulky straps, this model is unique because it allows any user to fine tune the unit’s fit and comfort anytime, simply twist the dial and you’re good to go, that’s the perfect closure system used by most superior helmets and ski boots to provide users the perfect fit and comfort every time.

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Compression Adjusting Back Brace1

The Compression Adjusting Back Brace even comes with a detachable sturdy stabilizers to give wearers extra support just in case they need more and best of all, it has a contoured top and bottom with adjustable panel at the back so it can perfectly accommodate different types of body.

You can buy the back brace for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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