The Compact Facial Hydration System – Helps remove dirt, skin dead cells and increase circulation for that refreshed and hydrated face every time

You want to get rid of your skin dead cells, increase circulation and even remove dirt on your face? Use the Compact Facial Hydration System [SOURCE], a wireless device capable of soothing and moisturizing your face at home or while you are traveling.

The Compact Facial Hydration System uses ultrafine cool mist simply by filling the tank with water perfect for removing dirt, dead cells and opening pores for that refreshed and hydrated face you’ve always longing for right at the comfort of your own home or using it after that very tiring travel.

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The Compact Facial Hydration System

The Compact Facial Hydration System

Simply fill the tank with water and enjoy up to 10 minutes of steam and rejuvenated face in 30sec. intervals.

This portable and wireless facial hydration system is capable of providing up to 100 minutes of treatment and already includes a USB cable for battery charging purposes.

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