The Childrens’ Antibacterial Face Mask – with two antibacterial layers for enhanced protection against bacteria and odors

Looking for an Antibacterial Face Mask for your kids? Give them the Childrens Antibacterial Face Mask, a uniquely designed non-medical face mask equipped with not just 1 but 2 antibacterial layers so kids will be protected against odors, bacteria and even viruses.

This face mask is perfect for children simply because as compared to other ordinary face mask out there, this mask is made with 100 percent cotton layer in high density partnered with antibacterial polyester pad and treated knitted fabric for that enhanced protection you’ve been looking for in a face mask for kids.

Childrens Antibacterial Face Mask

The Childrens’ Antibacterial Face Mask

This face mask works simply by creating a combative environment for viruses to help prevent their survival and growth, while its elastic ear loops are perfect for that all day comfort and secure fit every time.

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Childrens Antibacterial Face Mask1

The Childrens’ Antibacterial Face Mask is perfect for everyday consumer use and is recommended for up to 30 washings and best of all, it already comes with 2 masks ready to be used by your kids.

You can buy the non-medical face mask for children for only $14.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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