The Better Nail Clippers – make trimming easier and less painful for those with arthritis or other hand ailments

Not satisfied with your nail clipper because it cannot trim properly specially to those with hand ailments? Use the Better Nail Clippers —[SOURCE]—, an easy to use nail clipper uniquely designed by professional orthopedic surgeons so you’ll have a comfortable nail trimming every time.

This nail clipper has an ergonomically designed body shape so users can easily held the device using the palm of the hand than using fingertips enough to provide the perfect hand grip.

The Better Nail Clippers

The Better Nail Clippers

No more shifting just to get the perfect trimming position, thanks also to its uniquely designed blade that rotates 180 degrees so owners can easily place the nail cutter on the user’s nail while of course lessening the strain specially on the user’s wrist, shoulder and arms.

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The Better Nail Clippers 1

The Better Nail Clippers even comes with a double action feature so user will not require additional strength just to cut the nails cleanly and best of all, it has stainless steel construction to make sure you’ll have years and years of nail cutting.

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