The Air Cleaning Ionizing Fan – creates a refreshing breeze as it purifies air with germicidal UV light, an ionizer, and an electrostatic filter

This Air Cleaning Ionizing Fan (available here) is unique because besides its superior fan capable of creating a relaxing breeze, it can also provide clean air every time.

Thanks to its included air purifier partnered with an ionizer and unique filter, now you can always enjoy not just clean air drawn thru its fan but also enjoy a refreshing breeze any time.

Air Cleaning Ionizing Fan

The Air Cleaning Ionizing Fan

This powerful fan works simply by plugging the cord to your favorite AC outlet and once its fan is already working, the filtering system will also function by passing air and eliminating bacteria including those airborne viruses, molds and more from replicating giving you only the fresh and clean air you need every time.

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Air Cleaning Ionizing Fan1

The Air Cleaning Ionizing Fan also features an asymmetric and deep pitched blade fan capable of boosting airspeed even at high speed, it even comes with a rotatable head so owners can direct airflow on floors and to almost every corner of your room and best of all, its included filter will provide air cleaning for up to 3yrs. Weighs only 28lbs.

You can buy this uniquely designed fan capable of providing refreshing and clean air for only $249.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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