The Advanced Hospital Oximeter – Now you can track your pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, respiration rate, hydration and breathing effort

Tire of using your ordinary oximeter because it only measures blood oxygen and pulse rate? Use the Advanced Hospital Oximeter —[VIDEO]—, a uniquely designed oximeter that tracks additional reading of your heart and lung function so you can also monitor them not just your pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation.

This unique oximeter uses the same hospital technology, this hospital oximeter can also monitor respiration rate including your breathing effort using your Pleth Variability Index changes.

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The Advanced Hospital Oximeter

The Advanced Hospital Oximeter

Blood circulation changes on the other hand will be displayed using Perfusion Index which uniquely measures how strength your blood flow is, simply clip your finger on the advanced oximeter and your good to go.

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The Advanced Hospital Oximeter 1

The Advanced Hospital Oximeter also includes an LCD panel where it displays 5 important metrics simultaneously of course in an easy to read numbers and best of all, it already includes an app so you can store all your reading results.

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