The Adjustable Mattress Wedge – turns your mattress into an adjustable bed with the touch of a button

With the Adjustable Mattress Wedge (Currently Taking Orders Here), now you can make your favorite mattress turn into an adjustable one simply by pressing a button.

Thanks to this uniquely designed inflatable bed wedge made using a sturdy PVC where owners can easily fit just between a spring box to the mattress and using a remote control, sleepers can now enjoy sleeping in an incline position.

Adjustable Mattress Wedge

The Adjustable Mattress Wedge

This adjustable bed wedge is perfect for anyone who wants to watch their favorite TV show or read their favorite books before sleeping and because the wedge can be raised up to 25 inches high at 45 degrees angle, reading, watching or sleeping on bed will not be a problem.

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Adjustable Mattress Wedge1

The Adjustable Mattress Wedge is very easy to deflate into a comfortable angle, ideal for anyone suffering from or facilitating sinus drainage, lessen snoring or even easing heartburn without any problem and best of all, it can support sleepers up to 1000lbs.

You can buy this inflatable bed wedge for only $209.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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