Stress Eraser Portable Biofeedback Device – Helps You Overcome Stress Quickly and Easily

Feeling stressed today? Not anymore with Stress Eraser, a handy device designed to quickly relieve the stress you’re having simply by following a simple breathing system.

Too hype? Nope, just try to place your little finger to its nicely designed pulse sensor, harmonize your breathing with the breath wave pattern on the LCD screen and enjoy a relaxed mind and body in a matter of minutes. Cool eh!

Stress Eraser Portable Biofeedback Device

Stress Eraser Portable Biofeedback Device

No more restless night or headaches caused by too much tension after work because the Stress Eraser Portable Biofeedback Device is a uniquely designed invention that will definitely help you overcome stress quickly and easily.

Stress Eraser also features a nice backlit screen perfect for night use and a built-in timer so you can set a limit for each session you want to make. What are you waiting for, stay calm and relaxed because with StressEraser, no more stressful condition at night or before and after going to work.

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