Portable Virus Eliminating Air Purifier – A Handy Yet Powerful Air Cleaner for Home or Car Use

Get rid of air virus with Portable Virus Eliminating Air Purifier. This handy air cleaner helps purify air at home by emitting harmless ions from hydrogen and oxygen wrapping harmful viruses and bad bacteria effortlessly.

This Handy Air Cleaner is also capable of neutralizing bad odors from cigarettes, paints, allergens and furnishings simply by penetrating and purifying the contaminant with positive ion charges.

Portable Virus Eliminating Air Purifier

Portable Virus Eliminating Air Purifier

This filter-free Portable Air Purifier is maintenance free, no cleaning and replacing of filters required from you, just position this device to your desk or to anywhere you want and start enjoying fresh air.

Smaller than your traveling cup yet it’s capable of eliminating up to 231feet square. Just plug using its AC adapter and never worry again with H1N1 and MRSA viruses roaming around your room. You can even use it as car freshener. Cool try it!

-$199.95 at hammacer

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