Melt Away Your Foot and Leg Aches with This Powerful Massager


After a long day on your feet, there’s nothing quite like a relaxing massage to soothe your tired legs and achy feet. The Foot And Calf Massager is the perfect solution for relieving muscle tension, promoting circulation, and improving overall relaxation. 

This versatile massager combines deep tissue Shiatsu massage with air compression to provide a comprehensive massage experience that targets all the major muscle groups in your lower body.

Foot Calf Massager

The Foot And Calf Massager

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  • Deep Tissue Shiatsu Massage: The massager’s Shiatsu nodes knead out tension along your calves, providing relief from muscle soreness and fatigue.
  • Air Compression: Inflatable chambers apply gentle pressure to your feet and lower legs, effectively loosening tense muscles and improving circulation.
  • Optional Heat: The massager’s optional heat setting provides a soothing warmth to your soles, promoting relaxation and healing.
  • Three Intensity Levels: Choose from three intensity levels to customize your massage experience.
  • Two Massage Modes: Select from two massage modes to target specific areas of your feet and legs.
  • Adjustable Fit: Adjustable hook-and-loop closures accommodate calves up to 21″ in circumference.


  • Relieves Muscle Tension: The massager’s deep tissue Shiatsu massage effectively kneads out tension and soreness in your calves and feet.
  • Promotes Circulation: The combination of deep tissue massage and air compression helps improve circulation in your lower body, reducing swelling and fatigue.
  • Improves Relaxation: The massager’s soothing massage and optional heat setting promote relaxation and stress relief.
  • Enhances Recovery: The massager helps your body recover from exercise and reduce muscle soreness.

How to Use

  • Place the massager on the floor.
  • Adjust the hook-and-loop closures to fit your calves.
  • Sit in a comfortable chair and place your feet inside the massager.
  • Connect the AC adapter and turn on the massager.
  • Select your desired intensity level and massage mode.
  • Relax and enjoy your massage!

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Foot Calf Massager Image


The Foot And Calf Massager is a versatile and effective tool for relieving muscle tension, promoting circulation, and improving relaxation. With its deep tissue Shiatsu massage, air compression, optional heat, and adjustable fit, this massager provides a personalized massage experience that targets all the major muscle groups in your lower body. 

Whether you’re an athlete looking to recover from a tough workout or simply someone who wants to pamper themselves after a long day, the Foot And Calf Massager is the perfect way to melt away your aches and pains and achieve deep relaxation.

Additional Tips

  • For an extra relaxing experience, try using the massager while watching TV or listening to music.
  • You can also use the massager on your arms and shoulders.
  • If you have any concerns about using the massager, consult with your doctor.

You can buy this massager for your aching foot and calf for only $279.95.

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