Inversion Machine and Roman Chair – Encourage Proper Posture and Develop Strong Muscles

Looking for an inversion machine that can relax you back? How about increasing the strength of your abdominal muscles? No problem, check the Inversion Machine and Roman Chair that can do all that perfect if you want to develop strong muscles, encourage proper posture all without damaging your back, neck and abdomens.

Inversion Machine And Roman Chair

Inversion Machine and Roman Chair

Regular use of Inversion Machine and Roman Chair will surely build up flexible abdominal muscles, relieve spine and vertebrae problem, it can even alleviate cervical tension. Simply get a good grasp onto its padded handle, do some leg-ups and downs and you’re good to go.

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Inversion Machine with Roman Chair even comes with an auto-stop function to avoid unwanted inversion plus with its nicely designed non-slip rubber leg caps, you can always be sure that it only provides stability anytime you perform muscle and back stretching.

This Inversion Machine has an adjustable function to fit 4.9″ up to 6.5″ heights and is also capable of supporting weights of up to 250lbs.

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