Gaiam Balance Ball Chair – Improves Balance and Promotes Proper Spinal Alignment to help achieve back pain relief

Aching back, legs and arms? Not problem, check Gaiam Balance Ball Chair, a uniquely designed chair that helps people with back ache, legs and arms problem simply by improving the balance to promote proper spinal alignment in order to achieve back pain relief.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is perfect for acquiring back again that healthier back you’ve always been looking for so you’ll never worry again from working at your office desk for hours.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair


Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

This Chair comes with 2 front and back casters, its base only measures 20″ wide and has 2.5 feet tall back height perfect for people with 5′ and 5′ and 11″ standing.

This balance ball chair is designed and recommended by health experts for people who want to correct and have a healthier back again without worrying about back aches.

-$79.99 at amazon

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