Eye Massager – A unique mask that helps lessen eye fatigue and strain

You want to relax your tired eyes? Use the Eye Massager Mask, a uniquely designed massage mask capable of relaxing and calming eye strain especially around the eyes simply by applying a combination of mist, warmth and gentle vibration technique.

Eye Massager Mask

Eye Massager Mask

This Eye Massager features a water reservoir capable of handling up to 2oz. of distilled or tap water used to hydrates and nourishes the temples and orbital area while its built-in vibration massager with different intensity helps lessen eye fatigue for that worry free and relaxed eyes all the time.

The Strain Relieving Eye Massager

The eye massager mask can be configured to provide gentle vibration, heat or mist, you can even use all the settings at once for that soothing massage you’ve always looking for. Just don’t forget to control it using its included remote control.

The included silicon mask is carefully sealed in order to follow the contour to the shape of the owner’s face while its included flexible headband allows you to comfortably fit around easily.

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