Bionic Mens Silver Golf Gloves – Boosts Grip Strength for Golfers with Arthritis

Bionic Mens Silver Golf GlovesThis Bionic Mens Silver Golf Gloves provides you the entire features and profit of the classic golf gloves. It comes with anatomical protection system which distributes even more grip potency and club control.

In addition, the specific design of this Bionic Mens Silver Golf Gloves aid to those golfers that goes through from arthritis. They offer improved grip and console for both hands. It also has an added row of finger pad which is merging with a thicker and taller anatomical pad structure.

The Bionic Mens Silver Golf Gloves forms a fitting thin skin material that adds support particularly at the bottom of the thumb where most golfers sense a pain. Its ergonomic plan considerably reduces pain and boosts grip strength for golfers with arthritis. Besides, it also has a big magnetic ball indicator on the wrist closing that is simple to swap and eliminate.

Price: $37.60 – $49.95
Sale: $37.60 on XX-Large at Amazon

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