The Wheeled Nordic Walking Poles – a unique fitness device for core and upper body muscles

You want to workout your core and upper body muscles? Use the Wheeled Nordic Walking Poles, a uniquely designed fitness device designed to provide effective workout specially on your shoulder, tricep and back muscle simply by walking.

The Wheeled Nordic Walking Poles is made in Germany and has become the most popular and effective core and body muscle workout device, thanks to its unique aluminum pole with forearm brace, a sturdy wheel and handgrip that provides nice flowing and efficient body resistance every time you walk.

The Wheeled Nordic Walking Poles

The Wheeled Nordic Walking Poles

This walking pole is capable of rolling forward and backward smoothly without any problem and is great for improving your heart rate while its flexible cord allows the owner to adjust resistance as needed.

The Wheeled Nordic Walking Poles 2

These Walking Poles are made of durable ABS and because this pole is constructed using an aluminum and rubber construction, walking on pavement, grass and sidewalks will not be a problem.

Check it out, try walking at the same time improving your core and body muscles today with these wheeled Nordic walking poles.

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